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Rose McGowan Witnesses ‘Knockout Game’ Attack

Rose McGowan Witnesses 'Knockout Game' Attack 2


Rose McGowan found herself in the role of real-life crime fighter after witnessing a random attack on a senior citizen.

The “Grindhouse” actress, 40, was enjoying the sunset with her pal and one-time reality TV star Courtenay Semel in Venice Beach, California, on Thursday afternoon and soon after she witnessed a man being randomly assaulted by a masked assailant riding a skateboard. After coming to his aid, McGowan documented the drama, which she described as a “Knockout Game” attack, on Twitter.

As for the victim, who was with his dog, he suffered a head injury, which left him bleeding from his ear. McGowan took care of both of them until help arrived.

And said she wished she had her “Charmed” superpowers in real life to track down the masked assailant.

This so-called “Knockout Game” is being committed all over the country as of late. It occurs when a pedestrian is walking along the street and a stranger approaches him or her and strikes them with an object or just sucker punches them. Several victims have been homeless people, including one Hoboken, New Jersey, man who was killed by three teens in September.







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