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Roseanne Barr Is Running for President

Not a big Newt Gingrich or Mitt Romney fan?  Not nuts about President Barack  Obama?

Well, hooray, you’ve got an interesting third-party option now: Roseanne Barr.

The Emmy winner has filed the necessary paperwork to run for president of the  United States this year as a Green Party candidate, she confirmed today,  tweeting, “If ppl will merely do as I tell them to do just this one time, I  promise  everything will get a lot better quickly4 the majority. #nutn2lose.”

And Alec  Baldwin thought Republicans were “in for a tough time” before!

“I am pleased to announce that I am seeking the Green Party’s nomination for  President of these United States of America,” Barr’s announcement read. “The  Democrats and Republicans have proven that they are servants—bought and paid for  by the 1%—who are not doing what’s in the best interest of the American people.  As a long time supporter of the Green Party, I look forward to working with  people who share my values. Behold the greening of America!”

“Our standpoint is that Roseanne is running for the nomination, and we are  impartial to all our candidates officially,” Scott McLarty, national coordinator  for the Green Party, tells E! News.

“We welcome Roseanne Barr into the race, and she will make it very  interesting from what I have seen. Ms. Barr wants to say some very serious  things in her campaign, and from what I can tell, she is motivated by her own  experiences and her desire to see the United States become a much better  country.”

And she has worked the land! Barr and her boyfriend tilled a macadamia nut farm on her since-canceled Lifetime show, Roseanne’s  Nuts.

Having just declared her candidacy, Barr is showing optimism worthy of Newt  Gingrich.

“As  i say, i know it will be a tough fight- We (the greens) only have a 99%   chance to win this election,” she tweeted this afternoon, adding that  her true  intention is to raise awareness of the Green Party, which first  ran a candidate  for public office in 1985.

There are 132 Green officeholders in the U.S., including five mayors. The  Green Party will pick its 2012 presidential candidate at a convention in  Baltimore in July.






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