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Roselyn Sanchez Shapes Up For Puerto Rico Triathlon

We all know Roselyn Sanchez has an amazing figure. But have you ever wondered how the Chasing Papi star stays so physically fit? Roselyn recently revealed some of her workout secrets as she prepares to fly out to Puerto Rico for this weekend’s Triathlon For Life.

A passion that’s near and dear to her heart, the Triathlon For Life was put together by Roselyn to help aid children fighting cancer. A native Puerto Rican herself, Sanchez is taking full advantage of the island’s resources for the event, utilizing grueling running trails, 750 meter swims off the coast, and a rigorous bike sprint that lasts up to 40 kilometers!

“Me he estado preparando mucho este año, voy al gimnasio que tiene una mini piscina olímpica y trato de hacer las 30 vueltas, que son terribles hacerlas, pero que las hago. Hago el treadmill en casa y también monto bicicleta, con mi esposo, por aquí por Los Angeles,” Roselyn told Celestrellas.

But keep in mind, not everyone has to take their workouts to the same extremes as Roselyn. The Triathlon For Life also features a much milder Seniors Walk which allows participants to still help the cause without pouring out buckets of sweat.

As of right now, Sanchez seems ready to go the distance. She even offered some advice for anyone else willing to push their cardio workouts to the limit.

“El pasado año no me alimenté bien y me cansé mucho porque no tenía gasolina. Así que este año voy a comer muy bien, es importante comer mucho carbohidrato la noche antes de la carrera.”

Roselyn’s Triathlon For Life kicks off May 1 in San Juan.

Have you ever competed in a triathlon? Sound off in the comments or @MTV3.


By Michael Lopez



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