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Russell Brand En Route to Canada, Eh

Canadians rejoice!

Funnyman and Katy Perry‘s other half, Russell Brand, is heading your way. For reals this time.

“CANADIANS! I am coming to your country, where I shall once more unite the commonwealth http://bit.ly/oY7yL7 we cannot be stopped!”  Brand tweeted.

“Canadian officialdom has been thwarted- I’m coming tomorrow- look at me, http://bit.ly/oY7yL7 we’ll cure all with love.”

The Arthur actor is referring to his show, titled Russell Brand Live (who would’ve guessed?!), in Southern Alberta Jubilee Auditorium this Saturday.

Earlier this month, Brand tweeted about a failed trip to Canada and blamed it on customs. “How do you manipulate customs officials?” he asked and pleaded to no one in particular to “let me in!”

He ended his series of tweets by announcing the show had been postponed. “I’m sorry,” he wrote. “I can’t enter Canada. We must abolish the borders between our nations AND our minds.”

However, that little bugger was lying! Customs had nothing to do with it, instead a faulty plane was to blame.

Hopefully he’ll make it out of L.A. this time.





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