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Ryan Lochte Speaks Out About His Hollywood Ambitions

Ryan Lochte Speaks Out About His Hollywood Ambitions

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Ever since the Summer Games, half-Cuban swimmer Ryan Lochte has become a media darling. But is he ready to give up the pool for a life in the Hollywood spotlight? Apparently not, at least according to his latest interview.

Lochte claims the only reason he’s accepted red carpet invitations and reality TV gigs is to help promote swimming. And he has some pretty big goals of where he’d like to see the sport in a few years.

“My main goal is to make swimming bigger than what it is,” he told The Associated Press. “And the only way I can do that is by going and doing cameos, being on talk shows, doing all those little things to help bring people aware that like, just bring them into swimming more.”

Ryan went on to say that he’d like swimming to be on the level of the NFL and NBA someday. It’s definitely possible, especially when you consider the appeal of seeing sexy athletes jumping in a pool half naked.



by Michael Lopez



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