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Ryan Reynolds Looks Back on Mix-tapes and Shedding Mutts

As Green Lantern shines its way into theaters this week, PEOPLE sat down with the superhero star and resident Sexiest Man Alive,Ryan Reynolds. With “one last” question, the actor chats candidly about high school love and his shedding pup. 
What was the last advice you got?
A friend of mine told me to smile more. It’s good advice. I smile, but not enough. I’ve been working so much I have my game face on.

When was the last time you made a mix-tape?
That was for my ex-girlfriend Jessica Cowley in high school. There was some New Order on there. Solid mix.

What was the last healthy thing you ate?
I had a glass of orange juice this morning. That’s healthy right? If it’s not TANG, it qualifies as healthy, right?

And unhealthy?
I ate the entire Toblerone in the mini-bar at the hotel we’re sitting in right now.

How’d that make you feel?
Pretty good actually. Yeah … I feel fine about that.

What was the last thing you lost?
Do I have my passport? I have my passport. I lost the garage door opener recently. It was in the bottom of the closet.

Last time you got injured?
My last injury was a separated shoulder on Green Lantern. I just pop it right back in. Lamest superpower of all time.

What was the last greeting card you sent?
I sent a thank-you card to a director. Good old-fashioned hand-written. In this electronic data age, not everything has to be pixels and light.

What was the last thing you returned?
The last thing I returned was a dog brush. It didn’t work well at all. It was supposed to get rid of all the shedding hair and it didn’t.

So, what kind of dog do you have?
Some kind of half golden retriever, half collie, half of some other little chunk of something in there. Ignore the math … You know what I mean.






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