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‘SAN ANDREAS’ Rocks The Weekend Box Office With $53 Million

‘SAN ANDREAS’ Rocks The Weekend Box Office With $53 Million

The destruction of California proved popular overseas as Dwayne Johnson’s “San Andreas” launched solidly with $60 million at 14,500 screens in 60 international markets.

Warner Bros. said the foreign roll-out, which represented markets with between 50% and 60% of the international box office, included first place finishes in 55 countries.

With a dominant $53.2 million opening in the U.S., “San Andreas” has a worldwide total of $113.2 million.

Mexico delivered the top foreign total with $10 million at 3,100 screens for the second-biggest launch for a Warner Bros. title and the biggest ever opening for a disaster movie in the country. The U.K. followed with $6.7 million at 840 locations, followed by Russia with $5.2 million at 2,256 theaters.

Brazil generated $3.2 million, followed by France with $3 million, Australia with $2.4 million and Italy with $1.1 million.

Asian markets combined for $11 million with first place launches in Taiwan, Thailand, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore and Indonesia. China and Korea will open next week.

Village Roadshow Pictures co-financed and co-produced “San Andreas” with Warners for $110 million, with most of the film lensing in Australia to take advantage of government incentives.

“San Andreas” is directed by Brad Peyton and produced by Beau Flynn. Carlton Cuse wrote  the screenplay from a story by Andre Fabrizio and Jerry Passmore.

Warner Bros. also reported that the third weekend of “Mad Max: Fury Road” had taken in $21.6 million at 9,742 screens in 70 markets, lifting the international total to $165 million. Korea led with $5.2 million, dropping only 17%, for a total of $23.6 million.

The U.S. followed with $2.4 million for the weekend for a $21 million total, followed by France with $2 million for $14 million total. No date has been set for the release of “Fury Road” in China.




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