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San Pellegrino Ranks Latin America’s Tastiest Restaurants

You’ve definitely got to pat yourself on the back if you’ve made it on to San Pellegrino’s list of Best Restaurants. Recognized as one of the world’s premier cuisine guides, its elite Top 50 rankings only include six restaurants in the United States. Latin America, on the other hand, got extremely high marks, particularly for its eateries in Brazil, Mexico, and Peru.

Sao Paulo’s D.O.M. was ranked the finest restaurant in South America and it’s easy to see why. Head chef Alex Atala (on the photo) got his training in Europe, but uses plenty of Brazil’s yummy resources on his eclectic menu. Blending indigenous ingredients like tupuci juice and Amazonian herbs, his delicacies are unlike anything else in the world.

Biko is located in the heart of Mexico City and features some delicious main courses. Not only does the venue boast an incredible menu, it’s become famous for its ambiance, which includes smooth music, gorgeous architecture, and a staff well-trained in finding on the perfect tasty combination for each customer.

“We’re meticulous about details – service, smiles, lighting, music, dishes, glassware, the temperature of the wine and food – so that in the end people leave feeling much, much better than when they came in,” Biko chef Mikel Alonso recently said.

Peru’s Astrid y Gaston is one of San Pellegrino’s newest entries, but we imagine it will stay on the list for a very long time. Specialty dishes include Amazonian ceviche and suckling goat, all filled with one-of-a-kind spices harvested from Lima.

It is also important to note Spain’s dominance in the Top 50 rankings. Boasting four restaurants on the list (including slots #2 and #3), their cuisines are said to be so delectable, you will become “emotionally” attached to them. If you’re planning a Spanish Euro trip this summer, El Celler De Can Roca and Mugaritz are highly recommended.

And for the rest of us in the states, New York and Chicago are the cities where San Pellegrino says you “must dine.” That is, as long as you’ve got a thick wad of cash to spare. Dishes at Per Se, the Big Apple’s top spot, can go as high as $295 a plate!

What’s your favorite local restaurant? Sound off in the comments or @MTV3.

by Michael Lopez



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