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To our avid readers:

We recently had a situation where ZayZay.Com VIP passes (intended for out VIP Winners)  were accidentally made available for download. As soon as we realized the problem, we quickly took down the links an thought the downloads were contained to just a handful of people in each market. (An issue we would have been able to handle and accommodate.)  Unfortunately, in the short time we posted the links, another website downloaded one and distributed counterfeit copies of the same pass nationwide without our knowledge. This caused several screening to be  “overbooked” and many of our people were turned away.

This was not our intention and we sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.  In order to prevent counterfeiting, our process moving forward has now been changed.  Unless we post a link to an external site (Gofobo, See it First, etc), you will no longer be able to download ZayZay.Com passes directly from our website. The passes will be sent directly to winners via email, or winners will have their names placed on a VIP list at the screening and will need to provide ID when checking in.

Please keep in mind that if you have a pass that has ZayZay.Com on it and you did not get the pass from us, chances are that it is counterfeit.


I know that this new policy is not ideal, but it will ensure that the proper people are able to attend the screenings.

To those of you that did not get in to see the your film, our heartfelt apologizes.



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