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‘Gilmore Girls’ Revival Is Seeing Fans Antsy For A ‘Scrubs’ Revival Too And Zach Braff Is In On It

'Gilmore Girls' Revival Is Seeing Fans Antsy For A 'Scrubs' Revival Too And Zach Braff Is In On It

Zach Braff’s career was built on the back of Scrubs, the light-hearted comedy set in Sacred Heart Hospital which chronicled a group of young doctors coming of age. The show ended back in 2010, and since then Zach Braff‘s mostly been crushing it on Twitter, sending out jokes to his 1.5 million followers each day.

The final season of Scrubs was a tough pill to swallow for most fans of the show because it was without the core cast. Most diehard Scrubs fans will tell you that the show truly ended in Season 8, and that Season 9 was an entirely different series. Why? Because unlike the other seasons with Turk, J.D., Dr. Cox, and Elliott Reid the 9th season took place at the medical college and only featured J.D., Truk, and Dr. Cox, and they didn’t even make an appearance in every episode.

So, what’s the big news?

First, the UK newspaper Mirror sent out the news that there would be a 10th season of Scrubs AND that Zach Braff had just confirmed it. That story was based on a video, which you can see over on Mirror by following that link, in which Zach Braff vaguely discusses the reboot of Scrubs.

To that story from Mirror Zach Braff then responded with this:

Living in the age of Netflix I wouldn’t at all be surprised to see a Scrubs reboot, and I’d welcome it with open arms because that show at least had substance compared to some of the mindless drivel on TV these days.





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