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Sean Kingston’s Passenger Speaks Out About Accident

This past weekend, thousands of tweeters sent their love and support to hip-hop singer Sean Kingston. On Sunday, he was nearly killed when a jet ski he was driving plowed into a Miami bridge. Now Cassandra Sanchez, the passenger who was riding with Kingston, has spoken about the accident.

Sanchez, a fashion model and friend of Sean’s, explained how the day started out innocent and fun. Riding the waves at Miami Beach, the two were accompanied by several friends who also took out jet skis at the harbor.

“Both [of our] jet skis pulled out of the dock at the same time and we were going so fast we just blasted past them,” Cassandra told TMZ. “When we turned a corner and crashed … they were so far behind us they didn’t even see us crash.”

Sanchez said that she begged Sean to slow down and became increasingly frightened as he turned toward the low-hanging bridge. After the accident,Cassandra said she felt immense pain in her jaw and ribs, though none of that compared to what Sean was going through.

“[Sean] was coughing up blood, foam and pink stuff … and when he finally opened his eyes, he kept repeating the words, ‘I’m hurting. I’m hurting’.”

Now hospitalized, Kingston is expected to remain bed-ridden for several weeks.Sanchez luckily walked away without any major injuries and offered encouraging news about Sean’s condition.

“They have a tube down his throat so he can’t really talk, but he is lucid and understands what’s going on.”



By Michael Lopez



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