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See The Debut Of the New PlayStation 4 “Slim” With The Leaked Pics That Have Been Blasted Online

See The Debut Of the New PlayStation 4 "Slim" With The Leaked Pics That Have Been Blasted Online 4

September seems to be a hot time to unveil electronic products. That’s when Apple’s set to announce the iPhone 7, LG will pull introduce its LG V20, and for Sony, the upgraded, souped-up Playstation 4, codenamed Neo.

It would appear, according to images that have surfaced on UK auction site Gumtree, that another Playstation 4 will also see the public on September 7 at Sony’s New York City event: a slimmer and lighter PS4. Now, this shouldn’t be surprising to anyone who follow video games — Sony has in the past released a smaller version of its flagship console, usually three to four years into the original’s cycle; and Microsoft just unveiled its own slimmer Xbox One earlier this month. The images, though unverified by Sony, look very convincing.

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The packaging that was included in the photographs revealed that this slimmer device sports a 500GB hard drive, its PEGI rating suggests that this is an European device.

This “PS4 slim” will very likely continue the trend of past slim models in that it will consume less power while providing the same processing power. But with the super-powered Neo – which can pump out a peak performance of 4.14 teraflops and still run all old PS4 games — coming soon, one must wonder who would buy the slim console.

To compound matters, it’s not like the current Playstation 4 is a clunky device. We understand why the monstrosity that is the Xbox One needed shed weight, but the original Sony device, released in November of 2013, was already sleek and svelte.

Sony’s console has sold 40 million units to date and leads rival Xbox One by a significant margin. With new Sony and Microsoft consoles coming soon, the video game wars is due to heat up again in 2017.



By Ben Sin



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