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See Rihanna’s, and Everyone Else’s, Reaction To the Billboard Drake Put Up In Her Honor

See Rihanna's, and Everyone Else's, Reaction To the Billboard Drake Put Up In Her Honor

Ah, young love! Isn’t it sweet?! Especially when it’s between heaven’s two most perfect angels: Drake and Rihanna.

In today’s bit of cuteness, Drake took out a billboard to congratulate Rihanna on her MTV VMA Video Vanguard Award. Here it is with a classic Bad Gal RiRi caption:

Are you seething with jealousy at their perfect love yet?! (And yes, I know their relationship is not confirmed. But I’m acting like it is because: 1. It most likely is; and 2. I want it to be so, so badly. Come on! There has never been two people more perfect for each other than perhaps Bogey and Bacall and maybe Gonzo and Camilla!)

Of course, the internet responded with admiration to the Great Love of Our Time (and also extreme love for Rihanna’s response which, as always, was perfect):

And this guy who nailed it:





By Laura Beck

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