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Selena Gomez and Vanessa Hudgens Are Hot Spring Breakers

Bring out the tanning oil and shades!

While many young adults are gearing up for some heavy partying during Spring  Break this year, stars like Selena  Gomez and Vanessa  Hudgens have gotten a head start! No fair!

But it’s not all just fun in the sun (well not totally…)

There’s work involved, people.

Gomez, Hudgens and costar Ashley Benson were seen in Florida  today, rocking their itty-bitty bikinis and tanned bods for a scene in their  upcoming flick Spring Breakers. Yeah, we wouldn’t mind that kinda work,  either.

The trio, along with Rachel Korine, play a group of girls  that rob a bank to pay for their Spring Break! That’s pretty hard-core, and it  seemed to have worked, judging by those super shiny scooters that they’re  cruisin’ on.

Don’t get any ideas.




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