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Seth MacFarlane Shares First Trailer In ‘Star Trek’ Inspired Comedy Series

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Some might call Galaxy Quest one of the best Star Trek movies ever released. It’d be pushing it to place it above a few of them, but you could probably swap out The Final Frontier for it and never really notice aside from all the different characters running around. It had heart and was a fitting tribute to Gene Roddenberry’s creation, something that Seth MacFarlane seems to be aiming for with The Orville over at Fox. The hour long science fiction drama seems like it wants to be a funny tribute to Star Trek while dealing with its own original universe full of planets to explore.

And judging only from the trailer, it looks pretty solid. Fans of MacFarlane would know to expect nothing less given his track record over the years. He’s packed Family Guy and his other series with references to both the original cast and its followups, including an entire episode that brought back the cast of The Next Generation. He’s also got some Trek history of his own, appearing on Star Trek: Enterprise for a couple of episodes back in the early 2000s.

Then he was Engineer Rivers, but now he’s getting a chance to play the commander of his own ship — right next to his ex-wife first officer played by Adrianne Palicki. The show also features MacFarlane alum Scott Grimes from American Dad, meaning this technically could possibly be one big dream for Steve Smith if you squint and think real hard. If blood starts pouring out of your nose, just remember to lean back and let it take you. There’s no other way.

The Orville is one of the new series that Fox is tossing out for its 2017-2018 slate, creating a little geeky corner on Fox’s schedule with Gotham on Thursdays. Hopefully, the entire show can be as funny as the trailer.




By Andrew Roberts

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