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A Sneak Peek at NBC’s Shades of Blue – Starring Jennifer Lopez and Ray Liotta

A Sneak Peek at NBC's Shades of Blue - Starring Jennifer Lopez and Ray Liotta

NBC has shared a new glimpse at Jennifer Lopez’s new TV show Shades of Blue, premiering on NBC on January 7, 9P/ 8PMc.

In this brand new clip, Jennifer Lopez and Ray Liotta describe more in depth what drew them into diving into the murky world of corrupt cops in this sexy new drama that explores the shades between right and wrong.

First-Look Featurette:SHADES OF BLUE  On NBC January 7 , 9PM/8P c

 In a steamy new drama, the iconic Jennifer Lopez stars as sexy New York detective (and single mother) Harlee Santos, who fell in with a tight-knit group of dirty cops, taking bribes and protection money that she uses to provide the best life for her honest and talented daughter. When she’s trapped by the FBI, however, and forced to inform on her own “brothers,” she’ll have to walk the fine line between love, loyalty, honor and betrayal, and try to keep it together for her daughter’s future.

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