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Shakira And Dora The Explorer Join Forces To Bring Us “Todos Juntos”

Colombian star Shakira sang her inspirational song “Todos Juntos” (“All Together”) in a special episode of Dora the Explorer, produced by cable tv channel Nick Jr, reported Colombian newspaper El Espectador.

The episode, titled “Dora’s Explorer Girls,” followed Dora and her friends as they made their way to a Shakira concert. The girls lose their tickets and must use a map to find them that leads them on a wild adventure.  Dora and Shaki then embark on a duet singing:

“Things are much better when we do them together. We can help each other if we work together. Everything’s better when we do them all as one!”

Shakira explained her role in the project:

“Dora is an inspiration to children all over the world, and is to me as well. It was an honor to work with Nickelodeon on this episode because education is a cause that is very close to my heart. I want every child to know that through knowledge and education they can embark upon great aventures”.

Actually the Dora-Shakira collaborations began a few years ago, when the singer helped to write the book “The Adventure of World School Day” for the Dora series. Also last year Shakira was part of the “Beyond the Backpack” campaign that celebrated the 10th year of “Dora the Explorer” and raised money for the Children’s Defense Fund.

Check out for some behind-the-scenes footage from the show!



By Larry Yepez



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