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Shakira Being Lambasted For Insensitivity In Using Nazi-Like Symbol In Tour Merchandise

Shakira El Dorado Tour

Shakira is being slammed on Twitter after one of the necklaces she’s selling as part of her tour merchandise showed an emblem that’s eerily similar to a Nazi symbol called the Black Sun symbol, one heavily associated with Neo-Nazis. As a result, fans are debating whether or not this insensitive faux pas was intentional or just a horrible mistake. One Twitter user wrote, “So Shakira most likely accidentally put a nazi symbol on her tour merch and didn’t know it lmao.” Another fan refused to let Shakira off the hook and wrote, “A fascist symbol as a necklace for your world tour? Are you f***ing serious?” We’ve reached out to Shakira’s rep for comment.

Another fan felt that Shakira is probably pretty blameless in all this. They wrote, “lmao yeah dude I bet shakira personally approved of this, and specifically because she recognized it as an obscure, barely known nazi symbol. You people are LITERALLY INSANE.” It’s worth noting that it appears that Shakira’s team has since replaced the necklace with another one that doesn’t have that pattern. Check out the necklace and the emblem and some of her fans’ reactions below!

Of course, this isn’t the first time Shakira has gotten into some hot water. Recently, a new report surfaced that the Spanish tax authorities have asked to investigate her finances over a four-year range between 2011 and 2014, after claims of unpaid taxes from all her global income, according to La Vanguardia.

We’ll keep you posted if Shakira responds to all of the controversy surrounding her necklace. Time will tell whether or not the singer will issue a statement or let this all blow over.



By Tim McGovern




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