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Shakira Visits Favela And Aids Young Children In Brazil

Shakira continues saving the world one country at a time. The Colombian pop star’s next humanitarian project involves promoting childhood development in Brazil. The “Whenever, Wherever” singer recently visited the largest country in South America and toured favelas as a part of her program launch with the ALAS Foundation in Rio de Janeiro.

The new program will work towards ending the cycle of poverty by helping children and families gain access to health care, proper nutrition and education.

During her visit, Shakira met and played with elementary school students and spoke about advocating for our youth in front of representatives of the Brazilian government including the Minister of Human Rights and the Governor of Rio de Janeiro. She stated:

“Both ALAS and I are proud to be part of a program that provides the children of Brazil with education, health and nutrition, the tools they need to break the cycle of poverty and inequality…I hope that programs like the one we are launching today in Brazil are replicated in all of Latin American. The possibility to end poverty and marginalization is at our fingertips. Let’s keep working together so our children may paint a better future for themselves and for us all.”

What would the world be like without Shakira?


By Sugey Palomares



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