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Shakira Wins Lawsuit Against Ex-boyfriend Antonio de la Rua

Shakira Wins Lawsuit Against Ex-boyfriend Antonio de la Rua  1


Score one for Shakira.

A judge in Geneva has blocked an attempt by the sexy singer’s ex-boyfriend  to access one of her megabucks bank accounts.

The decision was the latest turn in a multifaceted, international legal war  between Shakira and Antonio de la Rua that’s unfolding in courts from Los  Angeles to New York, the Bahamas and Europe.

De la Rua is suing the singer for damages topping $100 million, claiming he  helped shape the multi-milliondollar “Shakira brand” during their decade-long  romance that ended in 2010.

He told the Swiss court he should have ownership rights to the Swiss bank  account because it holds most of the assets from their alleged oral business  agreement, the Associated Press reported.

The judge said de la Rua did not provide enough evidence to prove the two  reached a professional agreement and that there were no written agreements.

The news comes after Shakira filed a declaration in Los Angeles County  Superior Court saying her former flame admitted in emails that he never had a  stake in any of her companies and therefore has no right to her business  booty.

“Just so you know, I am not Shakira’s partner in coquito or any of her other  companies. We have everything very neatly and she is the sole owner and  beneficiary of her companies,” reads a copy a January 2011 email purportedly  sent by de la Rua to Shakria’s mom and attached as an exhibit.

“I am not a partner in any of your companies. You are the sole owner of all  of them,” he allegedly wrote in a related email sent to the Colombian chanteuse  that same week.

Shakira, 36, swears in her filing that she hired de la Rua only as a  “business advisor” who was compensated previously for his services.

She claims they even signed a prenuptial agreement at the Colombian  consulate in New York in 2006 in which they “expressly renounced any right” to  each other’s separate assets and future earnings.

De la Rua is the son of former Argentine president Fernando de la Rua. He  claims he orchestrated Shakira’s $300 million deal with Los Angeles-based Live  Nation in 2008.

The singer announced her romance with Spanish football star Gerard Pique  shortly after the breakup, and the new couple had a son on January 22.

The Los Angeles case is due back in court July 31.







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