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Shakira’s Ex Hits Her With $250 Million Lawsuit

Shakira’s Ex Hits Her With $250 Million Lawsuit 1


It looks like things aren’t that civil between Shakira and her ex-boyfriend Antonio de la Rua. According to the Mexican press, he’s filed a lawsuit against the She Wolf to the tune of $250 million.

Just to clarify, Antonio was a lot more than Shaki’s boyfriend during their 11-year courtship. He was also her agent and had a hand in many of her business decisions.

And that’s where the lawsuit stems from. Apparently de la Rua feels he’s entitled to a percentage of Shakira’s massive LiveNation contract as well as several other sponsorship deals within the past year.

Antonio is also fighting for ownership of properties they bought together and claiming his career as a publicist “suffered” because of their relationship. Though we doubt he’ll be able to cash in on the entire $250 million, something tells us Colombia’s favorite songstress will have a tough court battle on her hands.



By Michael Lopez



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