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Shampoo Bars Are Just The Perfect Travel Item To Save You That Annoying 3.4 oz. Limit

Shampoo Bars

The bellowing sound of a TSA agent repeating over and over again “no liquids more than 3.4 ounces” is forever burned in every frequent flier’s brain. And, because we simply must travel with our moisturizers, makeup, shampoo, and conditioner, we tend to get creative by stuffing our bags full of dozens of miniature bottles. But what if we told you there was a better way? At least, when it comes to your hair care.

Over the last few months, shampoo bars have become the It product among travelers, beauty gurus, and environmentalists alike. These little travel godsends are friendly to both your luscious locks and your suitcase thanks to the fact that they come in solid rather than liquid form. This means you can tell that TSA agent with pride that no, in fact, you aren’t carrying any liquids over the allotted amount.

And yes, to add icing to this already delicious packing cake, these shampoo bars are great for the environment, too.

In a viral video produced by ATTN, Lush Cosmetics, the leader in the shampoo bar movement, explained that its bars could one day replace the “552 million shampoo bottles we throw out annually.”

The Lush bars, which are the equivalent of three bottles of shampoo each, can last for up to 80 washes, so there will be no more running out of your favorite shampoo two days into your trip. And, once they’re done they are gone forever — no plastic packaging included.

Check out the best shampoo bars to buy before your next trip below.




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