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Sharon and Ozzy Osbourne Reconcile After Time Apart

Sharon and Ozzy Osbourne Reconcile After Time Apart

“I just need time to think. And really think about myself, about what do I really want for… Because I’m 63 years of age and I can’t keep living like this,” Sharon Osbourne said on CBS’ The Talk.

“It’s right for me because I honestly at this point today have no idea what I’m going to be doing with the rest of my life. I don’t know where I’m going, who I’m going with,” she continued her speech.

Sharon wouldn’t say what it was that made her leave Ozzy, but soon enough, reports started circulating she dumped him because he’d been cheating on her with a celebrity hairstylist by the name of Michelle.

Ozzy has a history of being a liar and a cheater, and coupled with Sharon’s statements on The Talk, this revelation got us all thinking the couple’s marriage was fast heading towards a divorce.

Scratch that, it’s not going to happen

In case you were wondering, the reason Sharon’s impending divorce from Ozzy Osbourne has stopped being a hot topic is that the once-estranged spouses are back together.

They’ve been going to couple’s therapy, and though it took her a while, Sharon is ready and willing to accept Ozzy back in her life. He never stopped loving her, so of course, he’s over the moon she’s changed her mind about divorcing him.

Talking to Us Weekly, an insider has revealed Sharon and Ozzy haven’t just reconciled, they’ve fallen in love all over again. “They’ve fallen in love again,” said the unnamed spy.

If this report is true and Sharon and Ozzy are indeed living together as husband and wife once more, we can only hope the rocker has learned his lesson and will do a better job being faithful. Otherwise, Sharon might actually kick him to the curb for good the next time he strays and she finds out about it.



By Laura Sinpetru



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