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Shayne Lamas Births 11-11-11 Baby!

Shayne Lamas has given new meaning to seizing the day.

The reality-TV star welcomed a daughter today, her first child with hubby Nik Richie, at Hoag Memorial Hospital Presbyterian in Newport  Beach, Calif., the new dad confirms to E! News.

Noting that today—Nov. 11, 2011—is pretty historic as far as numerology and  cosmic juju goes, Richie exclusively filled us in on the details of the birth of  his little girl, whose name we already told you, remember?

“I feel blessed today. Press Dahl Lamas-Richie is the  coolest baby in the history of female kind,” Richie gushed. “She doesn’t even  cry and she has the prettiest eyelashes.”

Awww, she sounds like a photogenic little superstar already.

Richie, founder of TheDirty.com, admits that he and Lamas were planning (along  with a million other expectant couples) to welcome their baby today, but that  nature almost got in the way, as Lamas went into labor last night.

“The delivery was intense,” he tells us. “Shayne was in labor for over 10  hours. Her contractions were a nightmare.” But happily, it sounds as if  everything is great now, even though Richie jokes that he isn’t looking forward  to actual diaper duty.

“Shayne is glowing and I am truly proud of her,” says the newly minted family  man.






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