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Sherri Sheperd Legally Compelled To Pay Ex-Husbands Child Support She Shares No Relation With

Sherri Sheperd Legally Compelled To Pay Ex-Husbands Child Support She Shares No Relation With

Sherri Shepherd has been in a bitter custody battle with her ex, Lamar Sally. After they split, the former co-host of The View was not interested in raising the son born via surrogate. But now, per a judge’s order, Sherri must pay child support, reported MSN.

Shepherd and Lamar split in 2014. At that point, they had been married for three years, and the surrogate was pregnant. Sally then sought complete physical and legal custody for Lamar Jr., born August, 2014.

Although Sherri emphasized that she was not interested in her son, the judge declared her to be legally the mother of Lamar Jr. Therefore, Shepherd must pay $4,100 monthly until her son is 13, at which point her child support fees will shift to $4,600.

However, Sherri has made her cause by charging that Lamar already was aware that the two would separate during the signing of the paperwork for the surrogate pregnancy. Therefore, claims Shepherd, he defrauded her. She can now continue to argue that case, and if she wins, she will be exempt from child support.

In addition, the current custody settlement gives Sherri rights to her Funny Mothers TV show, which is in development.

However, according to TMZ, Shepherd wants more than the custody agreement changed so that she does not owe child support.

In addition, Lamar and Sherri have stored embryos. While he has not determined what he wants, Shepherd is arguing in favor of destroying those embryos.

Per the settlement agreement, Sherri also will be exempt from child support if Lamar decides he does want a surrogate to become pregnant with those embryos.

As for Lamar Jr., Shepherd has emphasized that no DNA connection exists, reported the Daily Mail.

The son is from a donor egg and Lamar’s sperm, born from the surrogate mother.

“Under the circumstances I’m doing really, really extremely well,” declared Sherri. “I don’t care what I go through, nothing gets me down. You know me. I will smile my way through anything. I believe smiling and laughter is the best medicine.”

However, Shepherd also asserted that she feels her integrity is clear.

“Life is difficult. So you just hang tough and you keep going. People who know me, my character, my integrity – I feel it speaks for itself. “

Sherri recently returned to The View, where she made an awkward joke about motherhood, reported People.

Shepherd had been dishing about her biological son Jeffrey, who is 10.

“I want a baby so bad. I’ve wanted one since I was 15,” said co-host Raven-Symone.

“Girl, I got one or two you could have of mine,” joked Sherri.

As the Inquisitr reported, The View has become a revolving door for the co-hosts. In addition to Shepherd’s departure, Rosie O’Donnell left citing her health as the reason.







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