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Shirley Manson Has Been Receiving Twitter Death Threats

Shirley Manson Has Been Receiving Twitter Death Threats

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Shirley Manson, the lead singer for Garbage, has been receiving a lot of violent and abusive messages on Twitter lately from the same anonymous account. Manson felt so harassed by this onslaught of threats that her manager contacted the Los Angeles Police Department for their help on this matter.

The crazy tweeter, known only as Ray Gunn (@Gunn2urhead), accused the Garbage frontwoman of cheating on her husband. She is also allegedly a telepathic witch. The weirdo wrote,

“Every night and day she’s messing with me!! Can’t take no for an answer!! So you want to kill you or myself?”

Apparently, the psychopath couldn’t decide who he wanted to kill. He wrote in another tweet,

“I’m gonna kill you b***h!!!!”

Garbage manager, Paul Kremen, reported the threats to police officials. They are now investigating the cyberstalker’s Twitter account to see if they can find the origin of these messages with a search warrant. According to the warrant,

“[Manson] stated that she is in great fear for her and her family’s safety due to the nature of the threats, the sheer volume of them and the ‘crazy’ sounding messages being posted towards her. She stated she had never had anything like this on this level occur to her and she is very frightened and wants the threats to be investigated fully.”

The last time Gunn tweeted Shirley was back in June 21. Police are hoping to find this person so they could press criminal charges.



By Ikam Acosta



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