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Showtime Boss Reveals Dexter Will Most Likely End After Season Eight! Plus, What’s Ahead for Deb and Dexter?

Two more seasons, Dexter fans.

That’s pretty much what Showtime boss David Nevins confirmed  at the network’s press tour today, where he addressed the future of the hit  series starring Michael C. Hall. Did the  controversy surrounding season six, including Deb’s (Jennifer Carpenter)  feelings for her adoptive brother Dexter (Hall), factor into the decision?

Plus, where is that storyline going? Here’s what Nevins told reporters

Nevins got right to the point during his opening remarks, saying that season  eight “is the likely endpoint” for Dexter, but he was “open” for  seasons past that. So yes, it’s still possible that the show could go on beyond  that, just not very likely.

While the show’s sixth season divided audiences thanks to Deb’s romantic  feelings for Dexter and a somewhat obvious plot twist with Edward James Olmos‘  character, Nevins believes the season finale’s last scene will ultimately help  the show toward its finish line. You know, that scene where (Spoiler Alert!) Deb witnessed Dexter killing Travis (Colin  Hanks).

“I think there’s a very clear trajectory now where they’re going over the  course of the next two seasons. I think it’s going to help to write with that  endgame in mind,” he explains. “I’ve been pushing to shake up the formula a bit.  I think there’s going to be fundamentally different dynamic now that Deb has been given a huge reveal. It’s time to shake up what Dexter goes through, so  he’s not such a lone wolf.”

The Showtime executive is also aware of many viewers’ aversion to Deb’s  feelings toward her adoptive brother. “Yeah, I’m aware that there’s a certain  taboo despite the fact that they’re not genetically related,” he says. “It’s  something that has been building for a number of years, I think. It’s an idea  that’s informed how they’ve done the show for a long time.”

Nevins also wants to clarify one thing: Deb’s therapist was not encouraging  her to date her brother, but “she did want Debra to start to deal with it,  confront it and that led to the big reveal at the end of the season.” He adds  that the controversial storyline “will continue next season.”

Nevins was asked if it was a concern of the network’s that Carpenter and  Hall, who divorced last year, would be playing love interests. “It makes  for an interesting ripple in the show and I think the audience will figure that  out. We’ve had conversations. [Michael and Jennifer] know what’s going on.  Michael and Jennifer have a really good relationship, so it’s quite comfortable.  That’s been a conversation and it’ll continue to be a conversation.”

Would you like to see Dexter go beyond season eight? Do you think  the show should drop the romantic storyline between Deb and Dexter? Sound off in  the comments!




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