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‘Silent House’ Trailer: Elizabeth Olsen’s Next Film Debuts


It’s Elizabeth’s Olsen’s world, we’re just living in it.

After the critical success of “Martha, Marcy, May, Marlene,” in which Olsen plays a convincingly disturbed cult member, one of 2011’s breakout stars is back for more with “Silent House.”

A remake of the 2010 Latin American film “La Casa Munda,” the trailer showcases just how creepy Gustavo Herandez’s horror movie will be. Shot as one continuous take, the film sees Olsen through a journey of discovering the more terrifying elements of her summer house while trying to spend a little quality time with her dad. It’s another untraditionally shot film for Olsen, whose “Martha Marcy” provided a fly on the wall view of a young woman going through a mental breakdown.

“Silent House,” which was sold to Lionsgate for $2 million after its success at Sundance, wasn’t an easy feat for the “Martha” star — mostly because she wasn’t allowed to get off her feet. “The challenging part was that you’re on your feet doing really long shots, and it kind of reminded me of doing a play on film,” she told Indiwire. “The whole house was rigged like a theater and it was just an exhausting challenge.”

Catch Olsen alongside Adam Trese, Eric Scheffer Stevens, and and Julia Taylor Ross in “Silent House”, in theaters March 9th.

by Leigh Weingus



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