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EA Shuts SimCity Studio Down After Developer’s Passing

EA Shuts SimCity Studio Down After Developer's Passing

Do you remember the game called SimCity that everyone loved until 2012? And then do you remember how EA and developer Maxis completely ruined it with the last SimCity game? Well, it looks as though it cost Maxis more than a lot of bad press as the studio has just closed its doors for good.

To say EA and Maxis screwed up with the latest version of SimCity is a huge understatement. They decided the game would require a constant Internet connection to play, claiming the game required it to function. This was later proved false. EA threatened beta testers with a total game ban for not reporting bugs, and then when the game launched paying customers were forced to queue for server access for 30 minutes or more, and that’s if you got that far!

It got so bad that Amazon stopped selling the game after receiving 800 poor reviews, Maxis tried to blame the game’s popularity for the issues, and then U-turned to offer SimCity owners a free Origin game as a way of apologizing. The problems continued, though, with the always-on DRM letting you destroy other people’s cities and then EA decided it wanted $9 to add airships and balloons to your game.

So what happened after that at Maxis? Not much, really. SimCity obviously didn’t sell anywhere near as well as expected, and neither did the company’s next major release The Sims 4. There’s also the mobile game SimCity Build-It, but that hasn’t set any download records I know of.

Guillaume Pierre, designer at Maxis, was the first to confirm the news via Twitter, stating “Well it was a fun 12 years, but it’s time to turn off the lights and put the key under the door. #RIPMaxisEmeryville.”

The studio managed to release 31 games (and published 11) over a 27 year period, many of those games have Sim in the title. They gave us a number of great SimCity games as well as The Sims and Spore. It’s just a shame they have gone out this way and leaving such a bad taste in gamer’s mouths due to “that SimCity game.” However, I’m sure many blame EA as much, if not more for that debacle.






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