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Smallville: We, for One, Welcome Our New Metallic Overlords from the Future

He’s here! Booster Gold is here! One of the most absurd (yet sexy) superheroes in the DC Universe, Booster Gold is ridiculously good fun, and he perfectly portrayed in tonight’s all-new episode of Smallville by one Eric Martsolf.

We just caught up with Eric to find out what prop he used to snag the part, what tie he has to fan fave Justin Hartley, and why his character is crucial to establishing the Superman legend:

How did you get the part on this episode of Smallville?
I did it the old-fashioned way. I auditioned, and I actually threw myself into the role. I never used a prop before in an audition, because I never believed in that as an actor. But after doing a little research on Booster Gold, I realized that I have to put the glasses on and so I found a pair of golden sunglasses. Then I turned around at the beginning of the read and flipped around with the glasses on, and everyone in the room just got it. I really took this character in, and they rewarded me with the role shortly there after.

Were you a fan of Smallville prior to this role? Had you heard of Booster Gold before getting the part?
I was running around in Superman Underoos when I was 4 years old, and I think every kid in his heart one day hopes that he will be able to portray a superhero; there is nothing cooler. I was just blessed when this opportunity came around. My good buddy Justin Hartley, who portrays the Green Arrow on the show, we were brothers back on Passions on NBC, and he would always come to me and say that he was getting his action figure and that I should see his costume, and he would tell me about the archery set he was using on his set. So I would have to listen to all of this and think to myself, I have to get him back somehow. And sure enough, when Booster came around I was like, Gotcha! I have a robot that tells me what’s going on in the future, so that’s pretty cool.

Your character gives Tom Welling‘s character some wisdom, but what could Booster Gold teach Superman?
Well, as you know, Clark is having a little trouble right now embracing heroism; he prefers to be referred to as “the blur.” Booster’s whole platform is, ‘Why would you run away from your heroic deeds? Why not stick around for a photo op and an interview and have your publicist on hand, perhaps you can get some sponsorships and then get your own reality show?’ The question begs, what makes a hero? Is it substance or is it style? I think these two guys represent each in its purest form. Clark has all the substance and Booster has all the style, but Superman just isn’t all about substance, he is also about style. His outfit has never been portrayed in gray, black or white. It has always been bright blue, red and yellow. So in a sense Booster, serves as a vehicle for Clark to accept the fact that this guy, Superman can be flashy and heroic at the same time. So the episode is really cool for fans in the sense that it gives birth to the spectacle of Superman.

What is the energy like on set?
Tom and I were like two kids in a candy store. I could see it in his eyes that he knows the series is coming to an end and that this is the moment when Clark becomes what he has always supposed to be. We had a multitude of discussions about Booster and the fact that he is misunderstood and misguided. Tom did not want this character to be portrayed as a bad egomaniac, he wanted him to be portrayed as a hero. Tom did a wonderful of directing the episode and, I mean, he was feeding me pizza hanging from a cable 20 feet in the air at 3 a.m. Tom was the guy who would walk up to me and would ask, “Dude, do you like anchovies or pepperoni?” He was like, “We have to get you some pizza, you have been hanging up there for like a half an hour.” He is a good guy. He is a good guy through and through. And I had a wonderful time. He is a damn good director, too.

Smallville airs tonight at 8 p.m. and features lots of Superman legend goodness, including a transformation in a phone booth. (Where oh where did they even find a phone booth these days!?)





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