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Snooki Banned From Jersey Wine Shop

Little pint-sized Snooki won’t be getting her booze next door. She was banned from her neighborhood wine shop, where they even placed a “No Snooki” sign on the door to keep her away.

Snooki may have thought she hit the jackpot when she moved into her new Jersey City home, right next to a wine shop. The owners of the store know better, however. No one from the Jersey Shore cast is welcome in the store, it seems, not even JWoww.

The Jersey Wine and Spirits General Manager said,

“Even if JWoww shows up at our front door she will not be let in. The only thing they are good for is ridicule and amusement. There is no upside business wise, and the potential downside is God knows what. Why feed the embarrassment?”

I guess those lovable Guidos and Guidettes will have to booze it up elsewhere. Luckily, there are lots of Jersey clubs where they can all go binge drink and fistpump the night away.



By Ikam Acosta

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