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Snooki Evicts Herself From Jersey Shore House

Snooki Evicts Herself From Jersey Shore House


Snooki is taking it upon herself to make sure her baby’s health is her number one priority by removing herself from the craziness of the Jersey Shore shag pad and getting a place of her own instead.

The soon-to-be-mom is opting to stay near the Jersey Shore house instead of in it. A source says she does not want to be near her “boozy, loud roommates” while she is with child. Snooki is expected to be sporting a full-on baby bump while filming this summer, as she will be well into her pregnancy.

Luckily, I don’t think pregnancy will take away from Snooki’s theatrics, as the little fireball is nutty enough to have a show all of her own with all her weirdness. In fact, those pregnancy hormones will be kicking in right around filming time, so that should make for some interesting interactions with the rest of the crew.

Oh, and let’s not talk about the weird cravings we might be exposed to, considering Snooki is already a hardcore pickle fan. I don’t want to imagine the possible food combinations this season might bring us.

I’m sure this glamorous guidette will have a totally hooked up pad, just a smaller version of the “party central” she has been used to living in all these seasons. This will be a wildly different version of the fist-pump fest viewers are used to seeing. First of all, we have a pregnant Snooki, which is just bizarre.

Also, we will be seeing a sober Situation this season, as Mike Sorrentino just got out of rehab. My brain cannot process this. It could either be the weirdest season of the Jersey Shore, or it could just be what jumps the shark, assuming it is possible to do with such a far-out group of guidos and guidettes.

The reality television mini-meatball seems to be taking her pregnancy rather seriously. Kudos to Snooki for being responsible enough to realize those party animals are just too crazy for a pregnant woman to be around. I’m just waiting for the episode in which Snooki does a cartwheel on the club dance floor and her baby pops out. Twenty bucks says that’s part of the season finale.



By Ikam Acosta

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