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Snooki Pregnancy Rumors Hit The Web

There’s been quite a lot of drama in Snooki land within the past 24 hours. Yesterday, Star Magazine broke a story that claimed the Jersey Shore star was pregnant! But Snooks quickly fired back, denying any and all baby rumors.

Snooki (who’s of Chilean heritage) took to the radio airwaves Wednesday morning to deny the story. Speaking on The Opie and Anthony Show, the pint-sized “Guidette” adamantly stated that she and boyfriend Jionni LaValle were not expecting.

But that hasn’t stopped the gossip mongers from coming up with clues. Snooki’s recent tweets about morning sickness and late night food cravings also added fuel to the fire.

“She is pregnant and has only told her closest friends and some family,” a Star insider recently stated.

Seeing her new super skinny frame, we’re sure if there is a baby bump in there, it’ll be hard to miss!

By Michael Lopez

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