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Snooki Tweets ‘Sitting-Only’ Shoes, Which Should Not Be A Thing (PHOTO)

Snooki Tweets 'Sitting-Only' Shoes, Which Should Not Be A Thing (PHOTO)  1


Snooki has gotten flack for (among many other things) wearing high heels while pregnant. She’s by no means the first celeb to stick with her stilettos while pregnant (shoe-obsessed Jessica Simpson lasted a solid eight months).

But the “Jersey Shore” star has been playing fast and loose with her heel height, taking a spill in her platform sandals last month. Cue the critics, who said the mom-to-be was being careless.

So Snooki seems to have found a compromise, whereby she can keep her heels yet stay safe: sitting-only shoes. Earlier this week, Snooki tweeted a photo of her well-heeled feet with the caption:

“I can only rock these heels when I sit. So sitting fabulous with shoes is better then nothin!”

Which, just, no. Shoes you cannot walk in are like purses that can’t open or pockets too small to hold things: inconvenient and useless and therefore completely silly. Heels are fantastic — but only when worn sensibly.

These are the Rules of High Heels, as laid down by the staff of HuffPost Style:

1. Heels are (almost) never necessary. See: Charlize Theron rocking flats on the red carpet.


2. When wearing heels, one must be able to move in them, because…

a. Wobbling makes you look stupid.

b. You could hurt yourself.

c. Wearing something you cannot function in makes zero sense and we are all sensible ladies, are we not?

3. Being pregnant is a nine-month excuse to never wear heels. Embrace it.

Those are our rules and we’re sticking to ’em. Snooki, care to join us in the land of the sensible?

Screenshot of the Tweet  below:

CaptureSnooki's Shoes



by Ellie Krupnick via Huffington Post

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