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Snoop Dogg Makes Appearance (And Role) Filming With Trailer Park Boys

Snoop Dogg Makes Appearance (And Role) Filming With Trailer Park Boys

Two gigantic, black SUVs sit in a driveway in Bible Hill Estates with a huddle of reporters behind them and a crowd of curious fans across the street.

Between TV cameras, a nervous producer’s assistant checks the time on her phone and looks up to the steps of the trailer. No movement.

After 10 minutes of waiting, a hulking bodyguard opens the door to walk inside, a plume of organic odour emanating from inside.

Moments later, a six-foot-four figure steps outside. It’s the man of the hour, Snoop Dogg, in the flesh.

Word spreads fast in a small town, so it’s no surprise the legendary rapper, actor and entrepreneur is in town to film multiple episodes of the Trailer Park Boys. What may come as a surprise, however, is just how much he loves the show.

“I just love the show in general,” he said, while standing next to Mike Smith, who broke in and out of his Bubbles character as Snoop cracked him up. “It’s never just one episode when you’re tied into the characters of the show. The scene and even the scenery is a part of the show, as far as the location, the looks, the feel, the people.”

While not much is known about Snoop’s role, he told reporters he came to Sunnyvale to visit his “cousin,” Bubbles. When asked how he gets into character to prepare, he employed his familiar rhyming techniques.

“It’s meditation, vegetation, dedication and self-preservation.”

He was then asked how he’s spent his spare time in Truro, to which he gave an expected answer.

“Medicatin’, dedicatin’, but no fornicatin,’” he said, before breaking out in laughter.Snoop Dogg is a well-known fan of the show, tweeting his support for the Nova Scotia Film Industry in April and backing up his “cousin” Bubbles.

Sticking together as family has been a storyline throughout the series, and one that made Snoop a fan in the first place.

“(I loved) just the family vibe,” he said. “I love the way the fellas are all a big family and they love to have fun and not afraid to be themselves… I love being myself and I love being around people that don’t mind expressing that as well.”

His presence has been massive in the town, with fans staking out the set all day to catch a glimpse of the man they call the Doggfather. It’s a reaction he’s thrilled to get everywhere he goes.

“I come from a small town, East Side L.B.C. (Long Beach, CA), so I understand,” he said.

“I know the dynamics of this, it’s the same kind of feeling. It’s just people. People love to be entertained by the people that they love, so I’m just here to give them what they want.”



by Ryan Cooke



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