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‘Son of God’ Actor Diogo Morgado May Just Play His Character’s Opposite In Upcoming Tv Series

Son of God Trailer Released, From The Makers Of 'The Bible' Series

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The latest movie to take on the story of the life of Jesus, Son of God released to the big screen not too long ago, so after playing the Son of God, what next for actor Diogo Morgado? Well I guess one wouldn’t expect the actor to take on such a reversal of roles for his new venture, but it appears he has.

You may or may not be aware that CW is putting together a new television series called The Messengers, and the word is the Son of God actor has now been cast for a part in the series.

However after taking on the role of Jesus, one wouldn’t expect Morgado to flip the coin to play the darkest of roles next, but according to a report by TMZ, CW has cast Diogo Morgado to play The Devil in the new series.

Although CW is keeping tight-lipped on the casting, due to ‘Son of God’ filmmakers being apparently in fear that movie going Christians might put up a protest at the casting, but according to the article, production sources have said the Son of God star will play ‘a Devil-like character.’

So what do you think, should the actor who played Jesus play the Devil in his next role?





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