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Spain Creates First School Degree in Tortillología

Who would have thought you could turn making Spanish omelettes into an exact science? Spain has managed to create the first culinary school degree in Tortillología, making the recipient an expert in this typical Spanish dish.

Aspiring Tortillologists are required to complete a nine month curriculum, which includes visiting fifteen bars and restaurants, in order to sample the different types of tortillas from the Cádiz province. I bet no one will be skipping those classes. Qué rico!

The idea to make this an area of study was conceived while creating a visitor’s guide to the area pointing out the best bars and restaurants for tortillas and tortillones -a giant tortilla with at least 14 eggs. This enormous dish, which takes 2 hours to make, is cooked and flipped in a paellera with the help of various people.

Select students will also be required to present a “tesis tortillal” as a final project, consisting of an original recipe created specifically for this course. Students are also expected to uphold the highest standards in tortilla-making, and those caught desecrating this fine dish by eating it on bread like a sandwich will be disqualified.

After graduation, these fine tortillólogos will be treated to a giant tortillón consisting of 341 eggs, the largest ever created in this region.

A lot of thought goes into perfecting the tortilla at this college. Teachers will discuss everything from the proper egg to potato ratio, to how to best slice the potatoes, to what other ingredients to add to jazz up this traditional dish.

The class also covers common cooking mistakes, such as making a Spanish omelette that is too dry. This usually happens when the cook doesn’t use enough eggs, a serious tortilla faux pas. On the flip side (no pun intended), a tortilla made with too many eggs will be soupy and runny, and no one likes that.

I bet you thought making this traditional plato español just required huevos and patatas.



By Ikam Acosta



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