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Spice Girls Reunion? Mel B Drops More Hints!

Funny, normally it’s the stars who try and shoot down rumors, not start  them.

Leave it to erstwhile Scary Spice Mel B to veer from the  norm, as she has once again fueled the fire of reports of an impending reunion  of her girl-powered posse.

A Diamond Jubilee may be the Spice Girls‘ best friend, after  all. So what’d she say this time?

“Will be back in uk next month to see my spice girls, can’t wait,  missed  them all sooooooo much!!!!! girlpower all the way babay!!!” she tweeted last night.

Given the ferocity of the reformation rumors that made the rounds  last  month, she had to know that her tweet would cause a new wave of  excitement  among fans—but she failed to elaborate on why exactly she may  be meeting up  with Victoria  Beckham, Geri  Halliwell, Emma  Bunton and  Melanie Chisholm.

Though the speculation, which Melanie Brown seems only too happy to add to,  is that rehearsals may be in order.

Initial theories seemed to peg the girls’ reunion on the  London Olympics  this summer (David  Beckham is even an ambassador for the  event), but Mel B hinted  that they may be getting into those hot pants and  Union Jack dresses even  sooner.

“Fingers crossed, I’m always down for a Spice Girls reunion,” she   told  Australia’s Sunrise in an interview last month. “For me to get my    Scary hair on and my big platforms…anytime day or night, I’m a Spice   Girl  through and through.”

When questioned on the Olympic rumor, Brown turned the tables.

“Well, we do have the queen’s Diamond Jubilee coming up…Ooh, did I really say  that?”

Judging by the unstoppable speculation about the Spice Girls plans   since?  Yes, Mel B, yes, you did. Guess we’ll just have to wait and see.






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