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Spider-Man:Homecoming Not Even Released But Sequel Already Announced For 2019

Spider-Man:Homecoming Not Even Released But Sequel Already Announced For 2019

The first two trailers for Spider-Man: Homecoming have us really excited to see Spidey’s first full movie in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. But Marvel and Sony aren’t wasting any time before setting up the sequel. In fact, Spider-Man: Homecoming 2 already has a release date!

According to The Hollywood ReporterSpider-Man: Homecoming 2 will drop into theaters on July 5, 2019. We wouldn’t be surprised if that film’s title changes before its release, but it’s coming just under two years after Spider-Man: Homecoming. Considering that the sequel will be released after both Avengers: Infinity War and its currently untitled sequel, this may also be the final Marvel Phase 3 film, or perhaps even the start of Phase 4.

Tom Holland has repeatedly said that he’s signed through six movies: three Spider-Man solo films and three MCU films including the already released Captain America: Civil War, where he made his debut in the role. If Marvel and Sony want to get a third film of Spider-Man in high school, then it would probably arrive two years after the next sequel. That would be in 2021, which is presumably deep in Marvel Phase 4.

Most of the cast for Spider-Man: Homecoming is likely to be back for the sequel. The real question is who should be the main villain of the next film. Green Goblin and Doctor Octopus were prominently featured in the original Spider-Man trilogy, and they’re bound to get another shot at the Wall-crawler on the big screen at some point. But Spider-Man has a very deep bench of great comic book villains, which means that the new trilogy may not have to retread any of the villains that were previously used. That said, an appearance by Venom or Carnage wouldn’t be that surprising; Sony still seems very interested in making movies about those two characters. But thanks to the MCU, it’s no longer totally out of left field when an alien symbiote falls from the sky.




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