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Spider-Man Writers Revlieve Us That Newest Spider-Man Reboot Won’t Rehash Origin Story

Spider-Man Writers Revlieve Us That Newest Spider-Man Reboot Won't Rehash Origin Story

Writers John Francis Daley and Jonathan Goldstein say that we won’t “revisit” Spider-Man’s origin at all in their reboot film. Meaning that we won’t see him get bitten by a spider, and we won’t see Uncle Ben die, at all. “I think that everybody feels like: You know that he gets bitten by a spider, and you know that Uncle Ben died,” says Goldstein. “We probably don’t need to revisit that.”

Goldstein says they will focus on Spider-Man as a dorky teenager:

We want to explore the fact that just because you get superpowers doesn’t really make you into a sophisticated, successful adult. He’s still a kid, and he’s clumsy, and he’s a geek, and he’s a bit of an outcast. And in many ways, the superpowers amplify that, and exacerbate his trying to fit in.

Adds Daley:

He has one more secret that he has to keep from the world, one more burden that he’s dealing with, above all the other crap that he’s dealing with at school. So it’s going to be fun.

Watch the whole interview with Grantland below (the relevant portion starts about 21 minutes in).




by James Whitbrook




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