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Sprung Alert! Richard Hatch Released From Prison

Maybe Richard  Hatch has learned his lesson now.

The first-ever Survivor winner and Celebrity Apprentice also-ran was released Monday from the minimum-security  lockup he was tossed in after failing to comply with the terms of his release  from federal prison in 2009.

A spokeswoman for the Rhode Island Department of Corrections confirms that he  was picked up at 1 p.m., their time, and—what do you know—immediately granted an  interview to a local TV station.

Hatch was reimprisoned in May, first in Brooklyn and then West  Virginia, after again failing to make good on income tax owed dating back to his  2000 Survivor win.  He was transferred to the Adult Corrections  Institutions in Cranston,  R.I., on Nov. 3 to start the transition back into the  real world.

Where he should really consider relocating to from La-La Land.

The innocence-proclaiming reality-TV star first went to prison in 2006 after being found guilty of not  paying his taxes on his $1 million Survivor prize, a $350,000 fee he  netted from a radio gig and proceeds from a piece of property he owned.




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