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‘Star Trek: Discovery’ Series Signs On Doug Jones, Michelle Yeoh, And Anthony Rapp

'Star Trek: Discovery' Series Signs On Doug Jones, Michelle Yeoh, And Anthony Rapp

Star Trek Discovery will see the iconic sci-fi franchise return to TV screens next year, and now the first cast members have now been revealed.

CBS has announced that Anthony Rapp, Doug Jones, and Michelle Yeoh will be joining the cast of the new show. Rapp (Dazed & Confused, Rent) will play crew member Lt. Stamets, while Jones (Pan’s Labyrinth, Hellboy) will portray science officer Lt. Saru, part of an alien race never seen before in the franchise. Yeoh (Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon) was first rumored to be part of the show last week, and the network has confirmed she will portray Captain Georgiou, the commanding officer on a different vessel.

In September it was reported that Star Trek Discovery would debut in May, moving back from its original January premiere date. The first season will comprise 13 episodes, and while the first episode will screen on the CBS network channel, all subsequent ones will appear on the company’s All Access digital subscription service.

Netflix has the rights to the show outside of the US and Canada, and every episode will hit the streaming service within 24 hours of its US broadcast. In Canada, it will be screened on the streaming channel CraveTV.

In August it was revealed that Discovery’s lead character will be a lieutenant, as opposed to a captain as in previous Star Trek series. “The story that’s fascinating for me now is not from the captain’s perspective,” co-producer Bryan Fuller said. “We’ve seen six series from the captain’s point of view and we wanted to do something different.”




by Dan Auty



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