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Stormtroopers Getting Makeover Helmets In Star Wars Episode VII Pics

Stormtroopers Getting Makeover Helmets In Star Wars Episode VII Pics 4

With a 30-year setting gap between Star Wars Episode VI and Star Wars Episode VII, fans are nervously curious about what new updates and technological advancements the updated galaxy will feature. Inside sources close to the new film have leaked photos, which appear to feature a new and improved Stormtrooper helmet. Tom Hodges, an on-set design artist, confirmed that the pictures are of the new Stormtrooper helmet, though it’s unclear if it will be the final version.

Star Wars has always been a peculiar series due to the technological gaps of the films. The original Star Wars trilogy was revolutionary for its time period, but compared to Episodes I through III, the galaxy looks rather deteriorated. This works out decently for the saga, due to the running plotline that the galaxy was decimated by war and thus the Rebels must scrounge up old materials to build their fleets.

As arguably the most iconic and beloved characters, the Stormtroopers were always the loveable losers. Their large helmets and poor marksmanship gave some unintended comic relief to the series. The updated versions however, seem to spell a new and improved breed, more menacing than before.

Other than a few planned leaks and teasers, information about Star Wars Episode VII is incredibly hard to come by. Han Solo, Princess Leia and Luke are slated to reappear in the new film, along with three new heroes who will be the younger driving force. It’s unclear what Harrison Ford’s role in the film will be since he is 72 years old. It didn’t stop him from reprising his role in Indiana Jones IV, but fans did find it humorous that the ‘silver fox’ could still be believed to pull off amazing stunts.

Filming on the Star Wars Episode VII set has restarted again after Ford injured his leg in an on-set accident. Whatever Ford was doing before he hurt himself must have been pretty extreme, but look for Han Solo to make a brilliant come back.

More than anything, fans are looking for Disney not too ‘kill’ the epic saga. It’s no secret that Disney sometimes milks an idea until it is all but shriveled and dead. Hopefully George Lucas holds most of the reigns of power and is able to keep the project true to its original form.



by Chad Arias



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