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Statham Rushes Back From Hospital After Near Death During Stunt

Statham Rushes Back From Hospital After Near Death During Stunt  2


Filming has started for the Expendables 3, and it appears that there was a close call for Jason Statham. Reports have surfaced claiming that one of the stunts went wrong and that Statham was pulled out of the water, unconscious. He was taken to the hospital for a checkup, and was released later that day.

While details are still scarce, it appears that Statham decided to take the place of a stuntman for a scene, but never resurfaced from the water. The support crew went in and managed to get him safely out of the pond that was being used for the stunt. Now, before people wonder why Statham even decided to replace a stuntman for a scene, you need to realize that Statham was actually a former British National Dive Team member. He knows his way around the water and wasn’t  just being cocky.

I’m glad to hear that Statham is safe, and hope that the entire crew has a smooth filming process. It’s one thing to have explosive action, but it’s also important to keep everyone safe. Best of luck to everyone involved.

Not only that, but  that bad-ass of a man was brought to the hospital, was checked out and returned back to set to continue his work that same day.

You can see Statham and the rest of The Expendables (aside from Bruce Willis) doing what they do best on August 14, 2014.



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