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Steve Jobs’ The Widow Launches DREAM Act Website

Steve Jobs’ The Widow Launches DREAM Act Website


Though the actual DREAM Act hasn’t quite come to fruition yet, the immigrants’ rights initiative is getting a second life online thanks to Steve Jobs’ widow. This week, Laurene Powell Jobs launched the enterprising TheDreamIsNow.org website.

Co-created by Waiting For Superman filmmaker Davis Guggenheim, the “DREAMers” website allows young undocumented immigrants to tell their story online. Those who can benefit from the DREAM Act’s path to citizenship are encouraged to submit videos and describe how the measure would improve their lives.

And it’s not just the kids who are getting involved, teachers and relatives of undocumented students are encouraged to post on the site too.

“There needed to be a demystification—to put a face to these people, to hear the individual stories,” Powell Jobs explained when describing the site. “They’re our children’s friends. They are people we know. This is a huge national problem that needs resolution.”

We know it’ll be tough getting Washington legislators to pass the Act, but let’s hope this movement gives it a little extra momentum. To find out more about the DREAMers (or to submit a video) visit TheDreamIsNow.org.



by Michael Lopez



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