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Steve-O Leaves Charlie Sheen Roast With Broken Nose

Now we know why the show was called JackassSteve-O certainly lived up to that name after running full-speed into Mike Tyson‘s fist at the culmination of Charlie Sheen‘s Comedy Central Roast. Qué loco!

While one might expect such an event to be a brutal show to watch, the one who left there bleeding wasn’t honored guest Charlie Sheen, but one of his roasters, Steve-O.The long-awaited roast aired last night and featured celebrities such as William ShatnerKate WalshSeth MacFarlane, and of course, Steve-O and Mike Tyson, among others.

Jokes flew back and forth about Charlie’s lust for hookers, love of illegal substances, and his most recent debacle on Two And A Half Men. He was recently replaced by Ashton Kutcher after being canned from the show because of his erratic behaviors and outbursts. Charlie’s character on the show gets hit by “a speeding subway train.” What a way to mirror his “public and bitter exit!” Are they calling him a train wreck?

Needless to say, the celebrities each paid homage to the burnt out star in their own special charming ways, and hilarity ensued. Charlie took it all in good stride and claimed all the love and support from his family despite all his crazy antics, only proves he’s “already won.”

Steve-O became famous for doing asinine stunts no one in their right mind would dare to do. What’s one more, right?

Right as Charlie Sheen gave his closing statements and made his way to his guests to give his thanks and final goodbyes, Steve-O rushed Mike Tyson‘s extended fist at full speed, breaking his own nose. Even William Shatnergrimaced in pain as Steve-O just stood there saying, “Broken nose.” Wow. Definitely not “WINNING” at all.

This was not the only tiger-blood-filled faux pas on Steve-O‘s part last night. His many run-ins with various live and inanimate objects has apparently left him with a lack of brain cells and common sense. One of the most offensive jokes of the night had to be edited out of the roast because, you guessed it, Steve-Ocrossed the line.

“The last time this many nobodies got roasted, at least Great Write was playing.”

Steve-O had been referring to the 2003 fire at a Great White concert that killed 100 people, and Comedy Central believed the joke was in very poor taste. Maybe the broken nose was penance for Steve-O‘s obvious lack of reason.



By Ikam Acosta



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