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Steven Seagal Considering Making A Run For Arizona Governor

Steven Seagal Considering Making A Run For Arizona Governor 1


Steven Seagal, former action star and current reality TV star, is considering the possibility of pursuing a career in politics, having his eyes set on the Governor seat for Arizona. In an interview with ABC15, he talked about the chances of running for the Arizona office when discussing his new reality series “Steven Seagal: Lawman – Maricopa County.”

He revealed that the idea was sparked after a discussion with Joe Arpaio, self-proclaimed toughest sheriff in America: “Joe Arpaio and I were talking about me running for governor of Arizona. I would remotely consider it, but I have a lot of other responsibilities that may be more important to address.”

True to his new political inclination, Seagal also addressed some issues he thought would make people want to vote for him.

In his opinion, the number one problem in the United States today is border security. He expressed his wish to improve on this aspect. He didn’t use the phrase “if I’m elected,” but it sure did sound like a political campaign.

The 61-year-old martial artist is currently promoting his reality TV, which also stars sheriff Jo Arpaio and is shot in Arizona. The show “Steven Seagal: Lawman” airs on the cable channel TV’s Reelz Channel and sees the actor become a member of Arpaio’s posse and chasing down crime.

Seagal is not the first movie action star to go into politics. Arnold Schwarzenegger famously went on to become the Governor of California in a mandate that lasted between 2003 and 2011, after running in the elections. Apparently, this paved the way for other actors to start having political dreams.

It is yet unclear which party Seagal will be running for in case he joins the campaign trail, but Arizona is widely regarded as a Republican party stronghold in America. If he indeed decided to run and is elected, Seagal will be replacing Republican Jan Brewer, who’s been holding the position since 2009.

By Dragos Rusu



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