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Steven Spielberg’s ‘Terra Nova’ Brings Dinosaurs To Primetime

Jurassic Park fans rejoice! No there won’t be a Part 4 of the dinosaur film franchise hitting theaters soon, but TV viewers may be in the for the next best thing. Park mastermind Steven Spielberg is launching a prehistoric series calledTerra Nova, which premieres tonight!

Set in the year 2149, Nova follows the lives of a family who travel 85 million years in the past to escape a dying Earth. Though life in the ancient human colony seems easy at first, carnivorous creatures soon come calling.

There is still a ton of secrecy surrounding the Terra Nova pilot. Will it have the famous T. Rex? Perhaps an appearance by The Flintstones? It’s all unclear. But we do know that Spielberg is adding an Avatar touch to the show with cast member Stephen Lang (who played Na’vi killer Col. Quaritch).

Set to debut on FOX, network execs are praying that Nova scores big in the ratings department. The show’s premiere cost close to $20 million to produce, so it better get A LOT of viewers if it wants to avoid “extinction.”



By Michael Lopez

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