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‘Struck By Lightning’: Chris Colfer’s Film Gets Theatrical Release By Tribeca Film

'Struck By Lightning': Chris Colfer's Film Gets Theatrical Release By Tribeca Film

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Chris Colfer is forging his own path to superstardom … and it’s light years away from McKinley High’s Kurt Hummel.

Tribeca Film has acquired U.S. rights to Colfer’s high school dramedy “Struck By Lightning.” The indie film will get a late 2012 theatrical release. Directed by Brian Dannelly (“Saved!”), the film starts with a bang — literally, as Colfer’s character get struck by lightning. The rest of the film flashes back to the life of Carson (Colfer), a jaded high school outcast who dreams of getting into Northwestern — and getting out of his boring hometown — and becoming a journalist.

To achieve that goal, Carson starts a literary magazine with the help of his best friend, Malerie (Rebel Wilson), and a little bit of blackmail. Carson digs up dirt on the popular kids (Sarah Hyland, Allie Grant, Matt Prokop and Ashley Rickards) and bribes them to write for the magazine. As if that weren’t enough, Carson also has to deal with his highly medicated mother (Allison Janney).

Much of Colfer’s inspiration for the film came from his own high school experience. At the film’s Tribeca Film Festival debut back in April, Colfer admitted to keeping a journal-slash-burnbook in high school, fittingly titled “Struck by Lightning.”

“Struck By Lightning,” written by and starring Colfer, had its world premiere at the Tribeca Film Festival in April, where it was met with enthusiastic cheering from the excited (and teen-heavy) audience.






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