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Are you supporting your immune system? #HYPERBIOTICS Pro-Immune works for me.

Are you supporting your immune system? #HYPERBIOTICS Pro-Immune works for me. 3

pro-immune 23gbOk Fams, it’s a new dawn, It’s a new day, It’s a new life.. Well you know the rest. With the New Year starting and all those resolutions still fresh in your head, overall health is one of our main concerns. Needless to say when Hyperbiotics reached out to me to try their PRO-IMMUNE Advanced Immune Formula, they got a resounding YES.

Hyperbiotics Pro-Immune Advanced Immune Formula promises a whole spectrum of benefits which frankly I am not qualified to comment on (see below for full product description). All I care about is does it work and is it a pain in the butt to keep up with? I will let you know the simple answer is YES, I believe it does work. Let me tell you why.

As anyone who knows me can attest, I get sick A LOT. If you sneeze in my direction, I caught all the germs you were giving out that day. With Pro-Immune I find that I don’t seem to be catching anyone else’s cold or flu. The daily dosage is 2 tablets once a day with or without food. I personally use the Intense Support instructions with is to take 3 tablets twice a day when I feel my immune system may be compromised.

The good thing about the pills is that I’m getting extra doses of Vitamin C, Zinc & Echinacea in a pill that does NOT aggravate my IBS (irritable bowel system).

Bottom line does it work… YES.

Will I go out and buy some more… YES.

Check out HYPERBIOTICS’ PRO-IMMUNE ADVANCED IMMUNE FORMULA for yourself. pro-immune hyperbiotics


 This post is powered by Brandbackers. I received the product in exchange for my review. No other compensation was received and all opinions are my own.


By: Ninnette M Aquino



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